Questions & Answers

1. What is a payday loan online?

A payday cash advance online is an unsecured short-term loan provided by the lending companies till the borrower’s next wage day. Payday loan service is intended to help consumers to cope with certain unforeseen expenses, which are not big. Online application for loans till next pay check through BritainLoan helps to avoid costly fees and penalties for missed or late payments on urgent or regular bills as the necessary amount of cash will be deposited directly to your active bank account electronically in the shortest possible time.

2. How much can I borrow?

The amount of the first loan is determined by the personal information provided by the customer in the online application. The sum of a payday loan is possible to increase after the first cash advance has been successfully repaid. Bear in mind, that the amount available for borrowing, may be various due to the local laws and the lender’s policy.

3. How can I get qualified for payday loans?

The procedures of qualifying for payday loans at BritainLoan are much easier than for a traditional credit. The potential borrower should just meet the requirements below:

- to be currently employed or to have regular income
- to be minimum 18 years old
- have a valid bank  account with direct deposit
- to be a legal resident of the UK.

4. What is the procedure of applying for UK payday loans online?

The customer needs to complete the Site’s online application form and submit it. As soon as it’s done, the approval process begins, as the process is fast, soon the notification as to the credit decision will be received by the client to the e-mail or telephone.

5. What information is necessary for the application form?

To complete the request for a payday loan the borrower needs to provide his employment and banking details, as well as personal information, like name and contact.

6. Is the clients’ financial and personal information secure?

All the information transferred between the user’s browser and BritainLoan site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. The Company respects the clients’ rights for privacy, thus, using a variety of security procedures to maintain the privacy and safety of the customers’ personal data.

7. Is it obligatory for me to take out a payday loan after submitting the application?

When the potential customer submits the online application on the Site, it only means that he wants a certain lender to approve the request or just come into contact with the borrower for further discussion of a payday cash advance options. Still, it’s not obligatory for the client to take out the cash loan. The borrower is free to ask any questions and reject the request before he has confirmed his information. If the customer is ready to proceed, he has to agree officially as to the terms and conditions with one of the lenders.

8. What if the credit score is bad?

Bad credit score is not an obstacle to get a payday loan from BritainLoan. The customers are welcomed by our cooperating lenders and the latters will work with the potential borrower even if he has received rejections from other lending authorities.

9. Is it necessary to fax personal documents?

BritainLoan provides payday cash advances with no faxing; consequently there is no need to send any papers by fax. The lenders participating in the network will be able to access all the essential information online immediately.

10. Can more than one payday loan be taken at a time?

In compliance with the terms, the client can be granted another payday loan only on condition the previous cash advance is repaid.

11. When is the requested amount of money available?

The approval for a payday loan with our company is real time, that’s why the borrower can get the necessary means within 24 hours. The date for repayment will be scheduled at the same moment in order to relief the client’s concerns about missing the deadline or bouncing a check.

12. How will I know that my application is approved?

The notification as to the credit decision is to be sent to the borrower’s e-mail address as soon as the application is reviewed.

13. When will the taken payday loan be due?

The repayment is as a rule scheduled on the client’s next payday (usually, between 8 and 25 days away).

14. What if I wish to pay my payday loans back early?

In case you want to cover the borrowed means prior to the agreed deadline, contact the lender directly and possibly get a special refund of the loan fee.

15. What if I’m not able to pay my payday loan off by the due date?

The customers can ask lenders for loan extensions in cases when they are unable to cover the total amount of the cash advance by the due time.