Rates And Fees

BritainLoan.co.uk offers its customers free access to participating direct UK payday loan lenders cooperating with the Company. The lenders will fund the client’s request for a payday loan online. The Company provides its service through the Site completely free of charge. The Customer should make sure he has learnt the loan disclosure papers thoroughly, after getting the approval from the lender, and sign any agreements only after that.

Example Charges

Representative APR is 2120% (variable). In case you borrow £200 for a term of 30 days, you will have to repay £258. The other calculations are possible to check with the help of the estimator provided below or on the main page of the Site.

Maximum Payday Loan Amount

The maximum amount of a payday loan may be various, between £500 to £1000. It often depends on the lender, funding a loan. Keep in mind that the amount possible to borrow is based on the consumer’s ability to cover the borrowed funds and determined by the credit score of a client. Not every person can qualify for the maximum loan amount.

Consumer Obligations

The Customer is never forced to sign any of the payday loan papers if he does not accept the terms and conditions of the agreement. In case the client disagrees with the terms, he can stop the process of approval any moment.

APR stands for annual percentage rate which expresses the cost of borrowing (the annual interest rate which should be paid on a borrowed payday loan).