Important Issues

The BritainLoan site is aimed to gather the information provided by the customers in the application forms to match the potential borrowes with the direct loan providers. Personal data as well as financial one is administered on a secure connection through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, which is used on the Company’s Site.

The BritainLoan.co.uk reserves the right to share the information got from the customers at any step of the application process with the third parties, the third parties presuppose the network of the direct lenders cooperating with the company and the lending institutions, having marketing relationship to the Site. The Privacy Policy Section will provide more detail as to this.

Potential lenders estimate the data contained in the application form real time to decide about the possibility of a payday loan provision to the client. The BritainLoan cannot give any guarantees as to the approval of the customer’s application or possibility to match the client with the lender in the network. The operator of the present Site is not a direct lender. All the decisions are made by the members of the lending network, cooperating with the Company, thus the fact of application form submission cannot guarantee in any way that the customer is qualified for a loan. The Website operator will try to find the right lender for the client through the loan matching service. It’s important to remember that the service is not available all over the UK and the areas can be changed without any prior notice.

Payday loan lending companies don’t perform credit checks generally, but participating lenders are able to review and verify the information contained in the application form through the national databases tracking the transactions between the consumers and lenders. As soon as you have submitted the application form, you have given your permission to the lenders from the network cooperating with the Company to study, inspect and verify your data in such manner. Such inquiries as a rule do not influence the customer’s credit score. The time needed for money transfer, amount of means possible to borrow and some other terms vary from lender to lender, not all of the participating institutions provide one hour service.

Loan Matching Service

The loan matching service accomplished by our Company matches customers with potential lenders from the Site’s direct network (“participating lenders”). The customer, who wants to use the Company’s service should submit the application form online, providing his personal and financial data, which includes – name, telephone number address, e-mail, bank details, social security number and employment information. The Privacy Policy of this Site regulates the collection and use of the information from the customers.

As soon as the client has submitted the online application form, the received data is shared with one or sometimes more lenders from the cooperating network or marketing partners.  When you submit the loan application on the site, you should realize and agree that the request may be transferred to any of participating lenders and marketing partners thus allowing any of them to come into contact with you by telephone, e-mail or direct mail so that they are able to provide you with their assistance or information as to special offers, they consider of interest for their clients.

The participating lenders from the network cooperating with the Website or marketing partners receiving your personal and financial details contained in the application review your request real time to define if the data meets the loan qualification criteria of a particular creditor. The lenders cooperating with the Company are free to perform the client’s credit history checking, verify the number of social security or analyze personal and financial information in accordance with the national consumer databases tracking the transactions between consumers and lending institutions.

In case the participating lender considers that the Customer’s application meets the specific qualification criteria of a certain lender, the new web page will be opened with the name and contact details of the appropriate company or redirect will happen to the Lender’s site. Since that moment the customer should realize there is no further involvement of the Company in the process of loan application or approval. The consequent interaction between the customer and the direct lender are subject to the policies and terms of use of the lending institution.

This Site is not a direct lender. The operator of the Website has nothing to do with credit or loan decisions, which are associated with the loan matching service. The Company provides no guarantees that the service, cost, availability, fees, rates or other terms of payday loans offered by the lenders from the cooperating network via the loan matching service are the best options available in the market. The Company does not provide any guarantees as to the provision of any specific terms and conditions on payday loans provided by any lending institution from the network or as to the acceptance into any specific program.

The present site doesn’t advise or recommend the services provided by any direct lender. The Company is not at any extent an agent of any participating lender or customer. The Site’s operator is not involved into the process of revision of the application information by the participating lender or making resolutions as to customers’ qualification to the criteria of a particular lender. The client agrees that the Site’s operator is not liable to any costs or damages which may arise out of or entailed by the usage of the Company’s loan matching service. The lender alone bears responsibility for the service provided. The customer realizes that his personal and financial data contained in the application may be kept by participating lenders even if the client is not eligible for a loan with them.

Control Over Functions, Features And Service Access

The operator of the present Site can make changes to any details, functions and/or features of the loan matching service without any notification. The Company does not accept responsibility for any delays or mistakes, which may occur during the performance of the loan matching services caused either by incorrect information provided by the customer in the application form or by any technical problems which are out of the scope of reasonable control of the Website operator.

Trademarks, Service Marks and Logos

All the “Trademarks” presented on the Website in the form of logos, trademarks and service marks are unregistered and registered Trademarks of the Company and partners. No action performed on this Site must be interpreted as granted by implication, estoppel or any other way, any right or license to utilize any Trademark demonstrated on the present Site without the written permission of the operating Company or the third party which may be the owner of the Trademarks. The usage of the Trademarks any other content from the present Website, except as provided in these Terms is strictly forbidden. The Company will administer its rights for intellectual property violently to the supreme extent of the law, seeking of criminal prosecution included.

Limitations and Disclaimers

The present Site as well as the services, software, products and data associated with it are accomplished “as is”. Particularly, this Site denies any warranty, implied or express, as to any matter related to the Site whatsoever and any facilities, products, software or data performed herein. The Company provides no guarantee either to the results which may be attained through the Site usage or any services, software or information related to it. The customers bear full responsibility for the usage of the present Site as well as the services delivered through it. The Company and/or participating lenders, advertisers, service providers, agents, affiliates, subsidiaries, content providers, officers, directors, employees cannot be liable for any incidental, direct, indirect, consequent, special or punitive damages or other injuries resulting from (or in any way related to) the Site usage and/or the services provided by it; or with the failure or delay to use the Website; or for any services, software products and data received on this Site or otherwise resulting from the usage of the Site, resulting in part or completely (from inappropriate behavior, breaking the contract, strict liability, neglect or any other reason – even if the Site or the lending institutions, cooperating in the network have been recommended of the damage possibility).


As a condition of the usage of the present Website and its services, the client agrees to indemnify the Site and the moneylenders cooperating in its network against any and all expenses, damages and liabilities – here belong attorney’s fees – caused by claims resulted by Consumers’ usage of the present Site, as well as any claims (without limitation) that bring out the facts which (if true) could disclose a breach of the present Terms by the customers.

Dispute Resolution

Any claim or disagreement relating to (or resulted from) the present Website usage, services or products provided by the Site, any other error or performances which the customer can deal with and the Website is liable, including (without being limited to) any kind of claim or disagreement as to arbitrability (“Dispute”), will be completely and finally settled by obligatory arbitration according to the arbitration rules effective at that moment. Any arbitrator has the authority not to award the indemnities concerning any Dispute which excesses actual compensatory damages or to divide actual damages or award exemplary, punitive or consequential damages; each party refuses irrevocably from any claim thereto. The decision to arbitrate will be interpreted neither as an agreement to the joinder nor as a inclusion of the arbitration according to this agreement with an arbitration of disputes or claims of any non-party, disregarding the nature of the issues arisen.

These Terms claim that all the arguments between the customers and the Site should be resolved by compulsory arbitration. Therefore, the client under these Terms agrees to refuse from going to the court to protect or assert his rights. Also, the customer agrees to give up his right to participate in class actions. The rights are defined by the independent arbitrators, not by a jury or judge.

Other Terms

These Terms reveal the complete agreement between the customer and the present Website. In case any part of the present Terms is acknowledged unenforceable due to the applicable law, the unenforceable and invalid section will be replaced by enforceable and valid provision which will most closely match the original intent and the rest of these Terms will remain effective. Any failure of the Company to carry out or exercise any provision or right of the present Terms won’t be considered a waiver of such provision or right. The present Terms can be changed by the operator of this Site any time without prior notice of the customers by posting the terms with the amendments on the Site. All modified terms come into effect automatically immediately after they have been posted.